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My Class, Your Class, Our Class

Welcome to the online home of the Carlisle High School Class of 1990 from Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Whether we were jocks, bandies, nerds, rednecks, punks, artists, regular kids, or somewhere in between in high school, our shared experiences walking the halls of CHS mean we all belong to the class.  The class is charging each one of you to come share in our renewed class spirit and to reach out to all of those classmates with whom you are still in contact to get them to join in as well.  

We have a class facebook group page, where we update and discuss class news, including that pertaining to our upcoming and past reunions.   Please join if you haven't already.  We will be using this website for most of the ticketing and detailed event descriptions of future and past reunions, so please bookmark it and check back often.  We are also in the process of updating our class records, and we are missing a lot of information.  Please email your current email, address, and phone number to the reunion committee.  Or, you can facebook message the committee.  It's very important that we get our records updated for this and future reunions.