Twenty Years Already?  It's Time for a Party!

We're having our 20th reunion party at the old Embers Clarion Ballroom - where we had our winter ball and saw Steve "Punk" Stahl crowned king!

Saturday, November 27, 2010
6:00-11:00 PM

Hotel Carlisle (formerly Embers) 
1700 Harrisburg Pke
Carlisle, PA 17013


6:00 PM--Registration
7:00 PM--Welcome, Prize Drawings, Slide Show
7:30 PM--Buffet (entrees:  chicken and vegetarian pasta)
8:00-11:00--Dancing with DJ Bob Foltz, Mingling, Drinking, Raffles (50/50) etc.
11:00--After Party at the Hotel Bar

NEWSFLASH:  Some fun-loving classmates have chipped into sponsor a keg of Yuengling and soda/juices, which will be free-flowing in addition to a full cash bar.  And remember, what happens at the reuion, stays at the reunion.  Well, until someone posts it on Facebook the next day.


Amara Scull Minnis
Amy Beitler Trimmer
Amy Bowers Wilson
Amy Domenick Whiteman
Amy Windish
Andrea Cranga Switzer
Ashley Johnson Kerr
Barbie Ditenhafer
Becca Raley
Becky Wagner DaLuz
Brad Clements
Beth Reed Nickel
Beth Rhoads Shenk
Blanda Nace
Carrie Mailey Perry
harles Chastain
Chris Steinour
Christian Murray
Christine Day Wooddell
Chuck Delp
Corey Maddox Derrenbacher
Dan Loh
David Collins
David Jefferson
Elizabeth Mellen
Ginny Walb Weller
eath Davidson
Heather Forrest Housel
Heather Shenk Long
Jarrad Hetrick
Jason Bixler
Jenn Huntzinger
Jennifer Amsley Johnson
Jennifer Lebo
Jennifer Smith Steiner
im Griffith
John Musci
Jon Rose
ulie Fagan Davidson
Julie Middleton Kiley
Julie Stone
Karen Cahilly Espenshade
Kelly Herncane
Kevin Wallace
Kevin Wilson
Kim Lebo Wolfe
Kimberly Walker Hutcheson
Kyra Jablonsky
aShawn Hall Sheaffer
Laura Travis Leskosky
Laurie Ginter Ward
Lisa Burchfield
Lisa Davis
Lisa Hancock Lewellen
Lisa Moyer Gentry
Lori Rickrode Starner
Lucy Suter Zander
Lynelle Harbold Riccio
Mark Galbraith
Matt Castrina
Matt Cox
aurese Oberton Chandler
Mel Kelley
ichelle Kauffman Delp
Michelle Lane
Mike Shirey
Nicole Tanner Maschmeyer
Niki Johnson Robertson
Patty Bitner Bretz
Rebecca Otten
Sarah Barone
Scott Ford
Shane Satterfield
Shannon Burnett Rogers
Sharon Freeland Harris
Stacey Wilson Christmas
Stacy Whisel
Stephanie Patterson Gilbert
erry Lemley
Tina Logan Field
Todd Kane
Tony Clippinger
Tracie Coon Dellinger
Tracy Rhoades Mersch
Tricia Schwalm Carbaugh
Vickie Miller
Wesley Burkholder

Reunion Committee, Helpers, Sponsors:

Amy Domenick Whiteman
Barbie Ditenhafer--Reunion Coordinator
Brad Clements
Carrie Mailey Perry
Eric Thumma
Hollis Kosco
Jen Orlov Craig
Jon Rose
Kevin Wallace
Kyra Jablonsky
Lisa Davis
Lisa Moyer Gentry
Lori Rickrode Starner
Mark Galbraith
Marnie White Zimmerman
Maureen Jarusewski Clay
Michelle Lane Ogden
Sharon Freeland Harris
Stacey Wilson Christmas
Stacy Whisel
Stephanie Patterson Gilbert
Tricia Schwalm Carbaugh